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Swachh Bharat, Swachh School

Inspired by students in Japan, where they clean the toilets and filth in their city, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Swachh Bharat- Swachh school drive.

Taking this initiative a step ahead, students of New Sunrise School have taken the initiative beyond classrooms. Schools are encouraging hygiene and sanitation related activities as they are asking students to ensure that the vicinity around their residence is kept clean.

Students of New Sunrise School are enthusiastic in keeping school clean and are also eager to step out to ensure that the surroundings is also maintained clean. "They are explained about the need to keep the surrounding clean, with the increasing number of illness, we decided to create awareness outside the school as well. We also spread the message of maintaining a clean surrounding to commuters.

It is not about asking students to clean the environment, it includes cleanliness in all aspects and hence, we first asked students to maintain cleanliness within their school and house. After which, they were taught to ensure that they always wash their hands before and after their meal. We feel that if students are taught about the need to maintain basic sanitation and cleanliness in all aspects, then they will also ensure that these are maintained at home. Thus, making it easier for the society to spread the message of a clean environment.